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Welcome to our foster home-based dog rescue in Costa Rica!

Thank you for your interest in supporting our mission to save the lives of dogs in need

Are you ready to meet your new best friend?

Look no further than our amazing dogs who are currently available for adoption! To get to know these adorable pups, simply click on their photos to view their bios and see more photos of their unique personalities.

But wait, there's more!

Our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram are bursting with even more dogs who are ready to find their forever homes. By following us on social media, you'll never miss a chance to connect with your perfect furry match. (click on symboles below)

Our rescue dogs are more than just animals – they are loving, loyal companions who are waiting for someone special to take them home. Thank you for considering adoption and for supporting our mission to find loving homes for these amazing pups.


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The Who's Who

Our Mission

Our Mission!

Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica is a compassionate and dedicated foster-based organization that tirelessly works to rescue and provide care for abandoned dogs and cats who have often suffered from extreme physical conditions or abuse.

Our top priority is ensuring that each animal receives the proper medical attention and care they need to make a full recovery. Before any of our rescues are adopted into loving homes, we make sure they are fully vaccinated, dewormed, and protected from fleas and ticks.


Additionally, all of our animals are spayed or neutered by our trusted veterinarian when over three months of age.


At Charlie's Angels, we believe that every animal deserves a chance at a happy and healthy life. Thank you for your support in helping us give these deserving animals the second chance they deserve.




Charlie's Angels spay and neuter clinics provide top quality spay and neuter veterinary services with an experienced and compassionate team. We set up these mobile clinics in various communities in the Perez Zeledon region whose residents do not have the financial means or ability to travel with their pets to the nearest larger city or town with a veterinary facility.  

Our mission is to reduce the number of vulnerable homeless and abandoned, animals through spay/neuter clinics by providing high quality services at a low cost.

We have been holding these clinics since 2015 and have spayed and neutered over 2000 animals.
Please check social media for our upcoming dates and locations!

Spay & Neuter Clinics



Taking a dog into foster care simply means saving that dog's life. A foster home provides a safe, temporary haven for that same dog until it is eventually placed in a permanent adoptive home.

Our rescue organization relays solely on a network of dedicated volunteer foster homes and could not survive without them. 

We are always accepting applications from new foster parents.

There are more dogs in need than there are foster homes available.

Please click here for more information!




Please help us to continue on our mission, by helping those who can’t help themselves!


Every donation counts!

donate $5

and we can get a collar

Donate $10

and we can get a collar & leash

Donate $25

and sponsor a de-worming and de-flea treatment for a dog

donate $30

so we can get a dog vaccinated for a whole year

donate $45

pays for a 25 kilo bag of dog food, which lasts for one whole week 

donate $55

so we can get a dog neutered / spayed

donate $100

and we can get a dog ready for adoption (fixing, vaccination and de-worming)

donate $200

and we have enough dog food for a whole month for our foster homes

donate $500

and you help us to cover a big part of our monhty vetting costs

Do You prefer to donate items to us?


We always need leashes, collars, dog blankets, dog food (adults and puppies), crates, pet carrier bags, medication, toys, dog shampoos and cleaning products.

Especially worming and flea & tick protection meds are very welcome!

Please call us or send us a message to coordinate the drop-off at our head quaters  or to find out how to send us any items.

Thank you!

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