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Estrella 馃惥

Female · 1.5 years old  ·14.5 kg / 32 pounds ·  spayed · vaccinated · de-wormed · very social and fun · no prey drive 馃惥 


Please get to know Estrella. Her story began in the remote mountains of the Chirripó, where a coffee farmer found her in a completely emaciated state. 

Unfortunately, this is a common problem with hunting dogs, which are purposely starved for days or weeks so that they can hunt better...  Many of them disappear and show up as mere skeletons.


The kindhearted coffee farmer took her under his wing, brought the young, starved dog home and nursed her back to health. Despite his deep affection for Estrella, he finds it difficult to keep her, especially as he is very worried about Estrella's future and wants to protect her from poachers (some of his neighbors have already asked him if they can have her, but he has refused). 


His daughter asked our organization for help in finding a suitable home for her father’s “newfound star”. 


During our visit, we were able to see Estrella's friendly and playful nature for ourselves. She loved the toy we brought her! 


Although she is hound, Estrealla has always remained close to her home (no fence in the middle of nature) and has never gone hunting. 

The farmer even confirms that Estealla's lack of interest in hunting is a positive quality that we greatly appreciate.


She definitely needs some training, but we are sure that this diamond in the rough will make any person very happy. 


Could that be you?


Stella's Album

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