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Benny 💕🐾


Beagle · male · born Jan 31, 2024, · had two puppy vaccinations · was dewormed regularly · lives in great foster situation · well socialized · healthy and playful 




Meet Benny: 

Benny, the adorable little beagle boy looking for a forever home! Benny, who is currently in a caring foster home, is an absolute sweetheart. He is cared for by his loving mother Uma and has had lots of exposure to other dogs and people of all ages. So he is well socialized and ready to join a loving family.


If you are considering adopting Benny, we invite you to fill out our adoption application below. This application will help us get to know your preferences and lifestyle so that we can find the perfect match for you and Benny. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us after submitting your application. 


The puppies are in a foster home in Perez Zerledon, but we can assist you with the logistics of getting the puppy you wish to adopt to you. 



Benny's Album

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