Story of Charlie's Angels Costa Rica



Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue CR is an animal rescue project in Costa Rica founded by four women with one thing in common: an unconditional love of animals. They met one day while volunteering at a local spay & neuter clinic in a small mountain village and, because of their common concern for abandoned and neglected animals, decided to form the organization.


Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue CR offers temporary care and residence for abandoned dogs and cats, that are often in an extreme physical condition or victims of abuse. Once the recovery is complete, the animal will be given up for adoption, only after being vaccinated, spayed or neutered by our organization.



Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue CR survives thanks to the contribution of volunteers and donors, who care about abandoned, abused or neglected animals. Some volunteers provide their professional assistance in areas such as fundraising, educational workshops, spay and neuter clinics etc.  Others simply provide affection and love to the dogs by taking care of their daily needs.

Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue CR has no financial partners or fixed income. Every day we work hard to try to get the necessary funds together in order to continue on our mission.



Charlie’s Angels is an interim care centre for dogs and cats, who are often victims of extreme cases of abuse and neglect, in need of temporary shelter and rehabilitation. All the animals taken in by our organization are given a complete health check, before moving into our rescue centre. Once the animal is fully recovered and re-socialized, it will be given up for responsible adoption within Costa Rica, or possibly in the USA and Canada.




1. Daily care and rehabilitation 

The dogs are taken on several daily walks and get lots of love, playtime and attention. We provide good quality food, flea and tick control, de-worming, vaccines, grooming and any further medical care the animal may need.


2. Spay & neuter clinics 

These campaigns are carried out regularly in the rural neighborhood and also in surrounding villages. We offer the community the possibility to have their dogs and cats (male and female) fixed at a reduced cost, offering discounts to pet owners with low incomes. The price includes post-operative drugs and care. All surgeries are performed by a veterinarian who is licensed by the Costa Rican Professional Veterinary Association. The vets are trained and authorized to safely perform these operations.


3. Workshops

We organize workshops in local schools to educate children about animal care and the importance of birth control. These workshops aim to inform individuals and raise awareness on animal abuse \ neglect and the positive effects of canine and feline sterilization within the community. Workshops for children are given in schools and mainly in the community centers where clinics are organized. The workshops are taught by professionals that work in education and veterinary medicine.


4. Foster care homes

This program consists of placing neglected and abused animals in the temporary shelter of a foster family, if we have an overflow in our rescue centre. Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue CR offers the volunteering families in this program a monthly package of food, de-worming pills and other required medical attention. A dog bed or crate is also supplied to make the animal feel comfortable and at home. A volunteer from Charlie’s Angels regularly visits the foster home to give support, supervision, and assistance.


5. Final adoption

Thanks to our constant social media presence and international networking, Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue CR finds permanent homes for our rescued dogs throughout Costa Rica and also in the United States and Canada. All animals that are put up for adoption are spayed / neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and in good general health. 

We take the adoption process very seriously and only give our animals to people who are willing to fill out our adoption questionnaire, share photos of themselves and their home and have no issue with paying an adoption fee.  Our adoption fee helps to recover  veterinary and food costs incurred by each rescue case and assures us that the adopter is serious and has the financial means to maintain a dog. Our organization would not be able to survive on donations alone. 



Come visit our rescue centre, meet the dogs and stay in our cozy mountain cabin! We renovated and furnished a sweet and cozy two bedroom mountain cabin, which is part of our charity project. The ‘Charlie’s Angels Dog B&B’ is located on the same property as our dog rescue, 3000 ft above sea level, in the cool and picturesque Perez Zeledon area, close to the Chirripo National Park.

This B&B is ideal for dog lovers who would like to spend some days in our beautiful area and visit our NPO. Our guests are welcome to interact with our rescue dogs and puppies, take them for walks and possibly even adopt one. Our team will assist with everything related to flying a dog outside the country (only within the Americas). Our B&B is also a great accommodation for people who travel with their own pet, as we are, needless to say, pet friendly!


The Charlie’s Angels Dog B&B is 100% non profit. All the money we generate with the house rental goes straight back into vet bills and various other costs we have to cover each month.

Check out our AIRBNB NON PROFIT: 



Contact us to join our team of volunteers. You can collaborate in the daily care of animals, assist at workshops or neutering / spaying clinics. You can donate materials, food, and funds to help towards our programs and the day to day running of the rescue centre and you can help us by being a flight - or transportation volunteer, or  promoting us and our dogs by sharing our posts on social media.



Our Team

We work as a small and dedicated team of animal lovers who all have the same goal and want the same thing:

rescue and change the lives of homeless and neglected animals. 



Founder  &

General Manager

Tania is the heart of Charlie's Angels - Costa Rica.   She founded the organisation in 2015 and is very passionated about this project.  Tania is in charge of operations, fundraising, dog intakes, all transportations, spay & neuter clinics, promotion, PR and all adoptions within Costa Rica, the USA and Canada.



Rescue Centre Manager

Federica is a hard working and very dedicated, dog loving Italian lady with a huge heart for animals.  Federica always makes sure the dog's needs come first. She is the perfect addition to the team!

Federica is also in charge of the volunteer coordination and always makes sure the daily schedule runs smoothly.



Volunteer Deluxe

Raphaelle is an absolute asset to our team. She is very caring with our dogs and cats, always has a smile on her face and never complains about too much work.
The young French lady has been with us for months and will continue to stay at the rescue centre for the whole winter 2020/2021, which makes all animals and people very happy. 


Rescue Center

The Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Centre is located in a tranquil and remote mountain village, close to the Chirripó National Park (about 25 minutes from San Isidro by car), nested in a typical and authentic Costa Rican neighbourhood. The property has a large garden with flowers, fruit trees and all sorts of exotic plants. 


Our rescue dogs live in large partly roofed outdoor compounds right next to the house. Some dogs live inside the house like pets. 

There is also a cute little cat called Lemon who lives with the volunteers in the house. She is very independent and loves to cuddle.


We try to limit the number of dogs to 15 to 20 adult dogs, but we often have more. 

Once the animals are ready for adoption, we usually find homes for them in Costa Rica, but also in the States and Canada. 


Spay & Neuter Clinics

We organize spay & neutering clinics for cats and dogs in the rural neighborhood of the Perez-Zeledon area. We offer the community the opportunity to have their dogs and cats fixed at a reduced rate and offer discounts to pet owners with low income.  

All surgeries are performed by a veterinarian licensed by the Costa Rican Professional Veterinary Association.

The veterinarians are trained and authorized to perform these surgeries safely.
We manage to operate up to 60 animals during the clinics to minimize the number of unwanted dogs in our area.