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female · born Jan 1, 2024 · 4.4 kg / 9.7 lbs • had all puppy vaccinations · de-wormed · very social  · playful energy  · great with kids, dogs · outgoing · healthy  

Estimated adult weight 11 kg / 25 lbs 

 Fostered in Rivas / Perez Zeledon




Mila, the adorable puppy with the eyes that steal hearts! At 4.5 months old, she is ready to begin her journey to a loving home.


Mila is a true bundle of joy who has been socialized daily with people of all ages and furry friends. Her outgoing and playful nature makes every day an adventure. Whether she is romping around or cuddling on your lap, Mila brings endless joy and coziness.


Mila is healthy, strong and very frisky. She is the perfect example of a happy, playful puppy. This week Mila had her 3rd round of puppy vaccinations!  She is doing great!


 If you're ready to welcome this sweet little puppy into your life, Mila is eagerly waiting to bring smiles and love into your home!

Mila's Album

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