• female

  • bullterrier mix

  • about one year

  • 26 lbs / 12 kilos 

  • spayed

  • fully vaccinated

  • wormed

  • athletic & playful

  • very loving

  • great with other dogs

  • clever

  • crate trained 


Yoko is a young and strong female doggy, full of personality, energy and love. 
Sadly, we have once again the case of a young female dog who was abandoned when she was pregnant… it was Yoko’s first pregnancy.  We get these cases all the time...

Yoko gave birth to her puppies in a construction site, which was unfortunately very close to a highway.  A compassionate woman, who walked by the construction every day, brought Yoko food and water regularly, so she could survive. 
We only know of three puppies, but are sure there were more...We named them Cala, Leila and Nouka.

Cala, a very sweet white puppy girl, was sadly run over before we could rescue her.  She was living at the construction site for several days severely injured after the accident…  she has numerous broken bones and infected wounds.  Cala is currently being treated and undergoing surgery at the Costa Ballena Veterinary Clinic - more about little Cala coming soon.

Yoko and her two healthy daughters Leila and Nouka moved in with us last week.  We had them all vaccinated and Yoko got spayed as well.  

Even though she had such a tough time as a pregnant and nursing street dog, Yoko immediately settled in very well with us.   We could feel how happy she was to be finally safe.  She is very social and playful with the other dogs.  Her most favorite thing is to chase after a ball! She is very cuddly, and enjoys a good belly rub.

The ideal home for Yoko is with people who already have experience with dogs. She needs clear structure, consistent rules and discipline to develop in the right direction.  

Very typical for bullterriers, Yoko has a strong personality and will make you laugh every day!  She can be trained easily with the use of some treats, she loves challenges and wants to impress and please people!


Yoko's Album



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Pueblo Nuevo de Rivas

Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica


Daily from  8AM-12PM and  2PM- 5pm

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