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Winston 🐾

male - Pinscher/ hound Mix - 3 months old - 6.8 kg (15 lbs) - neutered · vaccinated - dewormed - social - playful  - intelligent - affectionate 

Adult weight approx. 20kg (42lbs)  

Winston is in a foster home in Toronto Canada 

Winston is another gorgeous male who seems to be a mix of a German Pinscher and a hound, but the Pinscher is the dominant breed. 

These medium-sized and athletic dogs are known to be friendly, gentle, intelligent and obedient. They love human companionship but are also protective of their people and property without showing aggression. 

Due to their nature, these dogs are ideal for people who are looking for a dog that has everything. While these dogs will protect your property by scaring away strangers or intruders with their distinct bark, they are otherwise friendly and easily going. 


Winston agrees with all of the above and can’t wait to meet you :)


He has already been neutered and has received 3 puppy shots and has been dewormed regularly.

 If this boy sounds like the puppy you have been waiting for, please apply for him, we can't wait to hear from you!


Winston is in a foster home in Toronto Canada 




Winston's Album

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