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Willow 💕🐾

Female- about 3 years old - 22 kg / 48 lbs - vaccinated and dewormed - spayed - mellow disposition - very shy and anxious - sweet demeanor - needs a special home


One Dog's Journey from Trauma to Hope: Willow's Search for a Loving Home.


Remember Willow, the beautiful mother dog, who captured our hearts last rainy season when we found her with her 10 puppies in the pouring rain, all her newborn puppies covered in mud with their eyes still closed?

We were lucky to find a foster home for her and her pups, where they received plenty of love and care and grew up happy and healthy. As her puppies found their forever homes, we felt Willow wasn’t quite ready for adoption yet, so she stayed in the foster home…


Her life on the street has left her with deep trauma, and she is a very anxious and shy dog. It is heartbreaking to imagine what she must have been through…. Willow needs a special home that can provide her with a lot of love and patience to make her shine again. We know it can be done!

Despite her struggles, Willow is a very sweet and gentle soul, with a soft demeanor that is impossible to resist. She is a beautiful young lady who needs someone who can accept her for who she is and give her the love and care she deserves. We are sure what you will get in return is priceless.


Willow's ideal home is one with a fenced property and ideally other friendly dogs. There, she can roam free and at her own pace, choosing when and where to interact with her human companion. She used to sleep outside in a crate under a roofed area but is now sleeping indoors and loves to be cuddled up in a dog bed. So both options work for her.


Since in foster care she has learned how to walk on a leash and seems to really enjoy her walks and to exploring the outdoors. Unfortunately, the foster home can only walk her once a week, but we are sure that with a daily routine of walks, she would improve so much!

Is there anyone out there who could give Willow the loving home she deserves? She would be forever grateful for a human that shows her the love she so desperately needs.


If you or someone you know might be the perfect fit for Willow, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Let's work together to give this sweet dog the life she deserves.


Willow's Album

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