• male

  • 5 years (approximately)

  • 7 Kilos / 19 lbs 

  • vaccinated and de-wormed

  • neutered

  • treated for ticks and fleas

  • very friendly and outgoing

  • playful

  • affectionate 

  • dog social

  • good with cats

  • house trained

When we were on our way to visit a foster home, we saw Victor lying on the street, right in front of a little store.

He was lying on his side so we could see that something was seriously wrong with his private parts.

It looked like a very large open flesh wound of some sort. 

We asked around the store and the neighborhood if the dog had an owner, and were led to a little house.

The owner was very nice, but told us he had no money to provide any medical care for the dog, and voluntarily surrendered him to us. He seemed relieved because he had a lot of other dogs to take care of. We promised him to take good care of Victor and to find him an excellent home!

We took Victor to our vet for a closer look at its condition. The wound was actually a large, open tumor right next to his penis.

Our vet removed it and sent a sample to a lab to determine what type of tumor we were dealing with.

Fortunately, the biopsy showed that Victor's tumor was not cancerous! We were so relived!

Victor recovered really well and quickly adjusted to his new life with Rocio and all of her dogs and foster dogs.

Victor is a great little fella, he has a gentle and sweet disposition and gets along with everyone, including the cats!

He is the perfect dog for people who are looking for a small, easy-going adult dog who will love to go for little strolls with you and is delighted to just chill with you on the couch.

Victor is very affectionate and asks for cuddles in the sweetest way. He puts his paw on our lap and looks at you with eyes that can melt ice.

If Victor sounds like the one for you, please fill out our adoption application.


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