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🐾 Uma 🐾

  • Beagle

  • Female

  • 3 yrs

  • 9 kg / 20 lbs

  • Spayed & Vaccinated • on flea and tick meds 

  • Intelligent

  • loyal

  • affectionate

  • friendly 

  • dog social 

  • 📍 Fostered in Rivas – Perez Zeledon 



Uma's journey to us began under difficult circumstances. When we took her in, she was pregnant, underweight and neglected. 

She had lived a life as an abused beagle breeding dog. Despite her difficult circumstances, Uma has always stood out for her strong spirit and loving nature and she was a really great mum to ger puppies. 


We are happy to report that all five of Uma's puppies have found wonderful homes. And now it's Uma's turn to find her forever family. 

This beautiful, healthy and super well-behaved Beagle mom has made an incredible progress under our care.


Uma is a sweet dog with so much love to give. She is so friendly to everyone she meets and has just recently shown us her playful side: she is happy to play with her toys and enjoys outdoor adventures with her foster siblings. However, Uma also really loves being indoors and lounging away the day in her cozy little bed.


Uma is more than ready to bring joy, companionship and lots of love to her new family. If you are looking for a loyal, affectionate and playful addition to your home, Uma is the perfect match.  Beagle lovers know exactly what wse are talking about… 


Meet Uma and see for yourself the lovely temperament and love she has to offer. Contact us today to schedule a meet and greet with this wonderful Beagle mom!



If you are interested in adopting Leili, please fill out our adoption application below. 

The adoption application gives us the opportunity to get to know you better and find out what kind of dog you want. Of couse we can schedule a meeti and greet fo you can meet that littkle girl in person!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us 🐾❤️


Uma's Album

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