• male

  • 1-1.5 years

  • 10,3 kg / 23 lbs

  • neutered

  • fully vaccinated

  • dewormed 

  • eager to please

  • house trained 

  • dog social and playful with other dogs

  • friendly

  • great watch dog

  • excellent outdoor companion

  • very athletic &  lots of energy 




Handsome Toto was reported to us because he had a terrible injury on his paw.

The wound was so awful a good chunk of he skin was torn off the paw and lower leg and some of the bones were exposed. (The photo is very graphic, so please don’t click until the end of the album if you are sensitive to graphic images)


We had Toto taken to our vet where the wound was treated by Dr Adriana.  It was a very long healing process, but the wound healed and is now finally completely closed.   The paw will remain deformed, it never look like a regular paw, but the good news is that Toto runs and plays like a happy dog!  It's just incredible to see how athletic he is and how high he jumps and plays with his best buddy Bubbaloo.


Toto is full of life and a really nice looking dog who would make someone very happy.  The ideal home would be a house with a fully fenced garden so Toto can run happily around the property all day. 

He is also ideal for people who appreciate a dog that barks when someone comes at the gate as he has great watchdog qualities. 


We have never seen Toto with cats or children, so we can’t give you any information about that.


If you feel that Toto is the right dog for you, or you would like to get to know him, please contact us. He can't wait to meet you!  Toto is currently in a foster home in San Isidro / Perez Zeledon.


Please fill out our adoption application online and we will be in touch to schedule an appointment.

Toto's Album