• male

  • born Nov 2021

  • 8 Kilos / 19 lbs 

  • vaccinated and wormed

  • Neutered

  • Treated for ticks and fleas

  • friendly 

  • playful but calm

  • Dog social

  • crate trained

  • house trained


This little guy is Tobi, who we rescued exactly a month ago when he was found abandoned and tied to a fence. It was such a terrible situation for the young pup, especially because the rope had gotten tangled around the fence post and he had absolutely no room to move.


Some residents called us and sent her a photo of the puppy, who was almost strangled by the short leash. We immediately drove to rescue him.  Right after we got him off the fence, it started raining heavily for several hours.  We got him just in time.


Tobi was so scared at first. We can't blame him after what he went through.   When he arrived at Mercedes' home, she put a blanket on the floor for him, but he was too shy to lay down on it.

But Tobi is turning out to be an extremely affectionate puppy, just asking to snuggle right up to you.   I visited him yesterday and it was the first time he saw me. Two minutes later, he was perched on my lap and wouldn't move.   So sweet…


Because of his past, Tobi tends to get anxious fairly easily, so a sudden movement or loud noice can startle him or he will become wary.  Once you reassure him that everything is ok, he quickly calms down and becomes trusting again.... So he needs a home where he can be taught basic obedience so he can become more confident.

He is a smart little guy and we are sure that in the right environment and with a daily routine, he would blossom and turn into a great and loyal family member.  Other friendly dogs would be a plus, but not a must.


Tobi sleeps in his crate all night and loves it more than anything.  He also spends time during the day in his crate napping and letting the world go by. 


He is house trained and already walks well on a leash.



If Tobi is the right puppy for you, please reach out to us. We would be happy to introduce him to you!


Tobi's Album