• male

  • born June 2021 (approximately)

  • 7 Kilos / 19 lbs 

  • vaccinated and de-wormed

  • neutered

  • treated for ticks and fleas

  • very friendly and outgoing

  • playful

  • dog social

  • good with cats

  • house trained


Tahini showed up one day in a small village.   He was completely drenched from the rain, muddy and so full of fleas that he couldn't sit still for a second because these little pests were driving him nuts.  At first we thought he was lost, but after seeing him foraging in the trash and him not being neutered as well as being in a state of neglect, it was clear he had been abandoned or had no good home.   He had open sores from all the scratching caused by the flea bites and he had a pretty bad odor.


We had him completely checked out, including neutering and vaccinations, and now Tahini is ready for adoption.   He is a little doggie with a very friendly and playful disposition.  He gets along well with the other dogs in the foster home and is also compatible with the cats.


Tahini is a social butterfly and  approaches everyone he meets with great spirit and jumps right into your lap for a cuddle.


Tahini is a little treasure and we hope to find the best possible home for this handsome pup.


Tahini is currently fostered in San Isidro / Perez Zeledon.


Tahini's Album