• female

  • 5 kilos

  • 8+ years

  • spayed and vaccinated

  • teeth cleaned 

  • has one blind eye

  • house trained

  • very affectionate

  • wants to be on your lap 24/7

  • really easy going

  • walks well on leash

  • low to medium energy

Sissi was found abandoned in a beach town with two of her puppies. She had an old rope around her neck.  The puppies were adopted immediately, but Sissi is still looking for a loving home. 

The little lady is a really sweet senior, without any behavioral problems. She is very well mannered, 100% housebroken and easy to handle.

Sissi LOVES human company, likes to snuggle on the sofa, is completely delighted when her belly is rubbed. Being a senior,  she only needs minimum exercise and enjoys calm, short walks.

She must have had an injury to her left eye that caused her to lose her sight in that eye.  We had it checked out and both of our vets said there was nothing they could do. But it doesn't seem to bother Sissi in any way. It could also be that she has been coping with it for years. 

Sissi is the perfect lap dog.   We do wish Sissi would go to a quiet household, either as an only dog or with other laid back dogs.


She will shower you with affection and love!


Sissi's Album