• Male

  • born Nov 18 2020

  • 30 lbs / 14 Kilos (March 10,2021)

  • neutered

  • fully vaccinated

  • dewormed

  • treated for ticks & fleas

  • very affectionate 

  • good with dogs

  • great with humans

  • smart

  • playful 

  • medium energy

  • we expect Silas to grow up to be a good-sized dog of over 50 pounds.


If you are looking for a large, handsome, smart and friendly dog, Silas is your boy!  

Silas is the largest of Sandy's pups, but also the gentlest, as well as one of the most charming. 


All of Silas' siblings have found homes, only for Silas is waiting for his perfect match to come forward for him. His brother Seth will be moving to San Jose this weekend, so we really hope that Silas will be able to go to his forever home soon as well, because it is very sad to have him alone in the puppy room. 


Silas is very playful with his siblings, he loves to run around in the garden. He has the size of an adult dog, but he is only 15 weeks old.   He is still a young puppy and needs lots of love and cuddles. Silas melts in your arms and looks at you with a deep and profound expression.    He absolutely loves to be around people.


Silas' Album