• male

  • 7.5 kg / 16 lbs

  • born April 2020

  • neutered

  • de-wormed

  • treated for ticks and fleas

  • friendly

  • happy

  • house trained 

  • good with kids

  • dog social

  • crate trained

  • likes car rides

  • loves couch surfing


Last week we visited little Scotty in his foster home where he has been living for the past four weeks! Scotty is the dog whose face was sliced open with a machete right under his eyes. 

When we arrived at the foster home, we saw Scotty without his muzzle for the first time since the surgery!

The first photo we took of him says it all!   Look at that big smile!!!

Scotty greeted us with so much affection, rolling around in the grass and couldn't get enough cuddles!

The reason Scotty had to wear a muzzle and cone was because the stitches could have come undone and also because the bones under his eyes were broken. (It's a miracle his eyeballs weren't damaged) It must have been so hard for Scotty to go through 4 weeks with a muzzle and cone.

We are so grateful that Scotty had a safe haven to recover from his traumatic experience in that perfect foster home we found!

This is what Jess, the foster mum, wrote about Scotty's foster time with them:


“Our family has been so grateful to support Scotty on his journey. When we first heard of his injuries, we all cried and wished there was something more we could do. When we had the opportunity to foster him through his healing process, it was a no brainer. Despite every ounce of trauma this sweet pup has experienced, he confidently strolled into our home like he owned the place – muzzle, cone and all. 

He was incredibly cooperative throughout the whole treatment process of cleaning his wound, vet visits, feedings, other curious mutts, etc. without a single accident!  He instantly melted into my husband and deeply bonded with our son. 

His inquisitive and intuitive nature makes it so that he knows when to pour on the puppy and have lots of energy and when to jump into an open lap for nap time.

He is flexible for car rides or couch surfing as long as he’s getting the love and affection he deserves. We will miss his bright eyes, happy smile, and constant tail wagging. He may be one of the happiest puppies we’ve ever met. 

We absolutely adore his precious personality and while we regret that we can’t keep him, we are positive he is going to be a wonderful addition to any home and family. We love you, Scotty. You make us so proud!”


 A very big THANK YOU to Jess, Chris and son Ronan plus the whole four legged family, you were exactly what Scott needed after his operation. You are just fabulous!  Lots of gratitude also to everyone who donated towards Scotty's vet bill - we love you!

Scotty is a very sweet and happy guy, he gets on well with other dogs in the foster home.  He is great with children and loves being indoors.  However, he also walks well off the lead on the beach and has a good recall!

His favourite place to be though is the sofa, he is a real couch potato.


Scott had his final vet visit last week and Dr Kathy was very happy to let us know he was ready for his forever home.

Please fill out our adoption application if you think Scotty is the right dog for you. We will then get back to you as soon as possible to talk about the adoption logistics and process. 

Scotty is in a foster home in Uvita, we can make an appointment to meet him, but we can also help transport him to you if you can't get here.

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