• female

  • 19 Kilos | 42 lbs

  • 2 years

  • vaccinated

  • dewormed

  • spayed 

  • very friendly

  • playful with other dogs

  • super affectionate

  • crate trained

  • leash training

  • low maintenance

  • eager to please

  • knows basic commands

  • obedient

  • very smart


Sandy...the gorgeous and sweet Sandy....

She is such a very special dog to us, there is just something about her that melts your heart.


Sandy was reported to us because she had a litter of 10 puppies that she gave birth to on a doorstep. (See photos)

The owners of the house claimed she wasn't their dog and so they did nothing to keep the puppies safe or to support the mother in dealing with this large amount of young. 


We were notified by a neighboring kid, who told us about this unsightly situation. 

When we arrived, Sandy was nothing but sweet and very friendly.   However, she looked depressed, was very malnourished, had skin fungus, had an ear infection and was covered in fleas and ticks.

She let us handle her puppies without any problems and confidently surrendered herself into our care.  Sandy knew we were decent people and that her life would change for the better from now.


Mom Sandy moved into the rescue center after her time in foster care.  She made friends with all of our dogs immediately.  Sandy is a very social dog. She plays extremely well, she is not dominant, even though she is one of the biggest and probably the strongest dog we currently have.

She is super smart and learns commands in no time.  She has learned how to walk on a leash without pulling and does very well in her crate. She only barks when necessary and does not join in the barking concert of the other dogs.

Although she has a rather calm nature, Sandy can get very excited and wants to hug everyone she meets, so we don't think small children or fussy people are the right fit for her.


The ideal home is with people who appreciate strong dogs and like to go hiking, and who have enough space for a dog like her!  Other dogs would be a plus but not a must.

Sandy will be a loyal companion and will not let you down, we are sure! She is a keeper!

Sandy's Album