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male · born March 15, 2023 · 4 kg /9 lbs · vaccinated · dewormed · on flea and tick prevention · good with dogs · very happy · super friendly · extremely fluffy · absolutely handsome and affectionate · great with kids

Adult weight more or less 21 kg / 45 lbs

Mum Luna (last photo)

Sam is one of Luna's boys, born on March 15. At just 10 weeks old, he already weighs 4 kg (9 lbs), and we estimate his adult weight to be around 45 lbs / 21 kg.

This fluffy little bundle of joy looks like a golden retriever mix, with his soft, golden fur and irresistible puppy eyes.

Sam is social and playful pup, always ready for some fun.

He got his joyful spirit from his mum Luna, who became the happiest dog under the Costa Rican sun ever since we freed her from her life on a chain. (YAY LUNA!)

If you're looking for a companion to brighten up your days with boundless energy and contagious happiness, Sam is your man!

Sam has shown himself to be fantastic with children. He possesses a gentle nature and a natural affinity for little ones, making him an ideal addition to families with kids.

Sam has received his initial round of vaccinations and has been diligently dewormed to ensure his good health. Rest assured, this fluffy ball of energy is in excellent health and ready to embark on new adventures with his forever family.

If you're interested in providing a loving and caring home for Sam, we would be very happy to hear from you! Please note that we are looking for committed individuals or families who are ready to make a lifelong commitment to their furry companion. Owning a pet is a responsibility that brings immense joy, and Sam deserves a forever home that can provide him with all the love and care he deserves.

To apply to adopt Sam, please fill out our adoption application.

The application is non-binding and only helps us to better understand who you are and what type of dog you are looking for.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have after we received your application.


Sam's Album

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