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Saira 💕🐾

Female · born March 15, 2023  · spayed · vaccinated · dewormed · on flea and tick prevention · playful and social with dogs  · outgoing· super friendly · smart & curious 

Adult weight between 15-18 kg

Meet Saira, the cutest puppy with the fluffiest fur.

Saira's mother belonged to people who did not take care of her or have her spayed. Neighbors saw her being mounted by a Rottweiler before she gave birth to her litter, so Saira's the Rottweiler-like appearance is no surprise.


From the moment you meet Saira, you'll fall in love with her gentle and sweet personality. 

She's always ready to play and have fun, and she's so hard to resist with that adorable face and her fluffy ears. 


With an expected adult weight of around 15-18 kg / 35-40lbs, she's going to be a great companion for many years to come.

She loves to run, jump, and play, but she's always gentle and never too rough. Watching her play with her siblings or the kids in her foster home is a pure joy and will bring a smile to anyone's face.


She's clever, too! She is quick to learn new things and eager to please. 


It's hard not to fall in love with Saira. From her intelligence, her playful spirit to her sweet nature, she's everything you could ever want in a puppy. 


She's going to make someone very happy 💕. Could that be you? 



🐾 Saira can’t wait to meet you ! 🐾

Saira's Album

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