• female

  • 11 kilos / 24 lbs

  • 1.5 - 2 years

  • spayed and vaccinated

  • wormed

  • very affectionate

  • really easy going

  • walks well on leash

  • lively

  • playful with other dogs

  • smart

  • corious

  • loves the outdoors 

  • smart





Ruby is the mother of the six fluffy puppy cotton balls we recently put up for adoption.

It was really incredible that none of her puppies looked anything like the mother.  The father must have had very strong genes. The puppies have all found excellent homes, now it's time for Ruby to move on to her forever home!


Ruby was a super mum and protected her offspring like a lioness.  But she quickly understood that we were all nice people at the shelter, mellowed out and became a really sweet and obedient dog who had absolutely no problem with any of us handling her puppies. She absolutely loved her daily routine and we are sure that walking on a lead is something completely new for her.


Once all the puppies were adopted, we had Ruby spayed and integrated her into the rest of the Charlie's Angels gang.  The introduction to the pack was a breeze, Ruby has fitted in without any problems and is as joyful as can be, running and playing with everyone in the garden.


She is a very happy and enthusiastic dog.  She is the perfect dog for people who enjoy hiking and spending time in nature.

But Ruby also has a calm and affectionate side, she loves to hop on our laps and soaks up the affection she receives from our team. 

We are sure Ruby has never had a home before. The people who reported her to us said she was always roaming the streets and kept getting pregnant....


Well, that has now changed and Ruby is learning how to be a pet and she absolutely LOVES it!

Please note: Ruby looks a bit larger on the photos than she actually is! She is a smaller medium size and perfect for people who don’t want a lap dog but also not a large dog.


Please fill out our adoption application if you feel Vera is the right dog for you. We will then get back to you as soon as possible to talk about Ronja’s needs and the adoption logistics and process. 


Ruby is in at our rescue center in Rivas in Perez Zeledón, we can make an appointment to meet her, but we can also help transport her to you if you can't get here.


Ruby's Album