• Female

  • Siberian Husky

  • born approx. Sept. 2019 - 55 lbs

  • spayed

  • fully vaccinated

  • very happy

  • loves kids

  • playful

  • family friendly

  • good with cats

  • plays gently with kittens

  • dog social

  • very smart

  • loves the outdoors

  • very active

  • escape artist

Some of you may remember the beautiful Rosie, also known as Ruby.  We rescued her a year ago with a broken femur.  After her surgery, she was placed in a foster home where she was cared for with so much love and attention that she made an amazing recovery.  Rosie settled in well, and she got along great with the foster home's little boy, the cats, and also the older family dog. 
The foster mom, who is one of the nicest and most dog-friendly people we know, fell in love with Rosie and applied to adopt her.
She improved the fence around her property and everything seemed perfect. 

However, Rosie started escaping from the property as she somehow manages to break through the fence.  The property is not easy to fence due to the nature of the terrain.
Unfortunately, the escapes have become more frequent and happen almost daily, even though the fence keeps getting repaired.... and every time it happens, it causes a lot of stress for the adopter, a single mum, as she runs around the neighborhood to find Rosie.


This is what the adopter wrote to us and we 100% support her decision to re-home Rosie:

"It was a very hard decision because she is so adorable, smart, sensitive and funny. I love her so much.
But she's just not the right dog for me because she needs so much more attention and exercise than I can give her, and being such a dog person, it was hard to understand and accept that fact. 
She deserves way more than what she is getting right now, even though she is part of the family and loves us all and we love her. I know she will be SO much happier if someone can take the time to really stimulate and be there for her entirely.
Please help find the best home for Rosie, I am sure someone is out there waiting for her.”

The ideal home for Rosie should be located on a higher elevation in Costa Rica.  If you live on the beach, please do not apply for her.
She needs very active people, ideally with other playful dogs, children are very welcome and PLEASE a fully fenced property, the fence needs to be high and secure where she can be safe.

Rosie gets along with any dog and also cats. However, she cannot be on a property where chickens run free as this would bring out her wolf instincts.

Rosie does not have a good recall, so you cannot let her off leash as she may not come back for a while. 

Before you apply please note: Huskies are considered a high maintenance breed. They require a lot of attention, lots of exercise, need to be brushed regularly, hate to be left alone, and can be difficult to train.
People with a background in dog training or who have experience with huskies would be great for her.

If you think Rosie / Ruby is the right dog for you and you have a suitable home for her and enough time, please fill out our adoption application.


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