• female

  • Chihuahua / Mini Pincher mix

  • 3.5 kilo / 8 lbs 

  • about 2 years

  • spayed and vaccinated

  • wormed and treated agains ticks and fleas

  • paralysed 

  • very affectionate

  • medium energy

  • social with dogs and people

  • social and curious

  • happy & full of life

  • has own wheel chair


Ronja was reported to us because the people who found her thought she had just been injured in a car accident, as she was dragging her back legs.  After we did a CT scan, it turned out she had two bullets in her back!  Someone must have shot her, TWICE… but it had to have been a while ago because we didn't see any wounds and her fur had completely grown back.


It's unimaginable how humans can do such a thing to a sweet little doggie. Ronja is paralysed and that will never change, but that doesn't stop her from romping around our garden and playing with the other dogs.  

 Luckily, Ronja is full of life and all the volunteers are in love with her!  She is as happy as a doggie can be and really easy to care for.

She is very well behaved, never cries or complains.  Ronja is the sweetest little girl who needs very little to be happy!


This is what Federica, Ronja's main guardian, says about her level of care:


“Of all the special needs dogs I have cared for in the past, Ronja is by far the easiest.

The day starts with a quick 10-15 minute walk in the garden. We either use her wheelchair or a sling that we put under her belly to support her. Since she only weighs 3.5 kg, it is no problem to walk with her as if she were a wheelbarrow.


After this walk, we clean her night area. Although she can't always control her bowel movements, she seems to manage to poop only outside her cot. If we walk her more often during the day, we don’t need to clean her area quite so often.


She has breakfast at 7.30am and then spends the morning in her cot chilling or playing with her toys. She only barks when she sees the cat or when strangers approach her area. Otherwise she is very quiet and calm.

She takes up the sweetest positions when sleeping and is always up for a photo op, just look at her incredible big smile, it just says it all about Ronja!


At 10am and 2pm she goes for a 15 minute walk in her wheelchair. She enjoys her walks very much. Please note: Dogs that are in wheelchairs cannot spend the whole day in the wheelchair. 15-25 minutes at a time is the maximum a dog can comfortably endure and tolerate.  It is very important to monitor this and allow the dog to get out of the wheelchair when it gets tired.


Ronja is happiest when she is free in the garden.

In summer, when the grass is dry, she can move around without her wheelchair.  We use soft fabric taped around her back legs so she doesn't scrape them. Sometimes we also use dog booties, but they are quickly destroyed as she is extremely fast and moves on any terrain. 


In the afternoons, especially in the rainy season, she just stays in her bed with a chew toy and seems to be happy.


She is afraid of thunderstorms and gets cold quite easily, so we wrap a soft blanket around her body as soon as the sun goes down. She seems to really enjoy this little routine and loves the warmth of her blanket


If you used nappies, Ronja could easily live inside your home and could accompany you on a lot of activities as she is so tiny and can fit easily in a little pet back.


It takes very special people who are willing to adopt a special needs dog. You must have enough love, commitment, time and the ideal conditions to take care of a dog that cannot walk and may not be able to control its bowel movements. But the unconditional love and appreciation you receive in return is absolutely priceless.”



Please fill out our adoption application if you feel Ronja is the right dog for you. We will then get back to you as soon as possible to talk about the adoption logistics and process. 


Ronja is in at our rescue center in Rivas in Perez Zeledón, we can make an appointment to meet her, but we can also help transport her to you if you can't get here.



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