• female

  • 26 lbs / 12 Kilos

  • 11 months

  • vaccinated

  • spayed

  • very friendly & affectionate

  • social

  • obedient

  • smart

  • mellow

  • submissive

  • excellent on leash

  • good with cats and dogs

Pajama, a new addition to our wonderful rescue dog squad! 

Pyjama was rescued by our vet, Dr. Adriana three weeks ago.

Dr Adriana heard some dogs barking in her neighborhood around 1am.  But instead of pulling the pillow over her head and trying to sleep, Dr Adriana ran outside in her pajamas and saw this beautiful young dog on the run from a pack of male street dogs who were about to gang up on her....

Pajama must have been on her first heat, and if she had owners, they didn't make sure she was spayed in time nor to keep her safe at night.
So our hero vet Dr Adriana ran around the block in downtown San Isidro in the middle of the night in her pajamas (hence the name) and managed to catch the terrified dog.  She took her in and had her spayed, vaccinated and dewormed.   We happily agreed to take over and brought her to the rescue centre, as Pyjama is one of those dogs that just shines with joy, happiness and peace. Very well behaved, polite and gentle.

Pajama is a very distinctive and unique looking girl and has the most dazzling, friendly eyes.

She is a great dog for a family with gentle children (she is a wee bit shy), but also for a couple or a single person.
She gets along well with other dogs and is friendly with cats!

Pajama is at your rescue center in Rivas Perez Zeledon

Pyjama's Album