Female - Australian Shepherd Mix - born around 15 August - 2.5 kg / 5.5. - vaccinated - dewormed - playful - very affectionate -very fast learner - gentle and sweet

Adult weight estimated 10-12 kg / 22-26 lbs

Pia is getting prettier by the day! Don't you think?

The little pup grew up with her siblings and her mother Winny, an Australian Shepherd mix, who has a very sweet and gentle nature, in a wonderful foster home.

All of them have been given the love and care that a puppy needs to develop and be social and well mannered.

Pia is now almost 3 months old and ready to be adopted.

She has a very soft and shiny coat and is an intelligent and playful puppy.

She is really adorable and we think she will grow up to be a 10-12 kg dog, just like her mother.

Pia is in a foster home in San Isidro / Perez Zeledon, but we can help with the logistics of getting her to you.





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