• femle

  • born June 6, 2022

  • 2.5 kilos  / 5.5 lbs

  • first puppy vaccination

  • dewormed

  • up to date with flea & tick prevention

  • affectionate

  • social with dogs & cats

  • playful

  • adult weight estimated 10-12 kg / 22-26 lbs

We rescued Pandy's tiny mother Izzy short before she started to be in labor. She was abandoned whitest being pregnant.

Pandy’s mum gave birth at our vet. Everything seemed to be going well and 5 beautiful puppies were born.

Sadly, during the next few days, fours puppies passed way, probably due to the mothers abandonment during the pregnancy.

Pandy is the only survivor! She is strong, healthy and full of life! She just turned 2 months last Saturday, the perfect age to leave her mum and move into her new human family.

She is very affectionate, sociable and playful. She is perfectly accustomed to other dogs and also to cats.

Padny is currently in a foster home near San Isidro / Perez Zeledon, but we can help with the logistics of getting her to you.


Pandy's Album