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  • born end of November 2021

  • Dachshund Mix 

  • 9 Kilos / 20 lbs 

  • vaccinated and wormed

  • Neutered

  • Treated for ticks and fleas

  • happy dog

  • Very friendly 

  • playful but calm

  • Dog social

  • great with kids​

  • dog social

  • no cats please 


Who wants more fun in their life? Do you? Well, the best launch for that is to adopt Nacho and you will always be well entertained.

Nacho is a really nice little weenie who is ready to brighten up your life with fun and joy!

He gets on with every dog and person he meets, big or small, and is an easy-going companion.  The only things he doesn't like are cats and fireworks.


Nacho is so hilarious, if he ever reincarnates as a human we are sure he will come back as a comedian... and it's really remarkable that he's in such a good spirits.... he was found in a gutter with burn marks on his body.

But that was a while ago, he then joined a Costa Rican family who love dogs and keep all the dogs they rescue. But now they have reached a point where they realize that 25 dogs is too much stress for both dogs and humans.

They asked us to help them find homes for their precious pals. 

Nacho can't wait to meet his new family. He would make a great second dog as he is very social, but he would also do well as an only dog as long as he has people around him to entertain. 


Nacho's Album

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