• Female

  • 10 months  (approximately)

  •  8.8 kilos  / 19.5 lbs

  •  spayed

  • vaccinated

  • dewormed

  • up to date with flea & tick prevention

  • smart

  • playful

  •  affectionate

  • social with other dogs

  • very trusting

  • easy to handle

  • obedient and tolerant

  • friendly  and calm disposition

  • great on and off leash

  • rate trained


When our volunteer team arrived early in the morning to open the building where our last spay/neuter clinic was held, they found this beautiful dog tied to the fence of the yard.


The abandoned dog looked at the volunteers with very distressed eyes, obviously not understanding what was going on. Of course, our volunteers took her in and comforted her as best they could on this busy day.


Mimi, as they named her, was spayed the same day. The clinic vet, Dr. Ligia, was very distraught when she operated on Mimi because it looked like someone had tried to spay her before, but it was definitely not a vet.  The stitches looked terrible and unprofessional and Mimi still had parts of her reproductive organs in her.


We are really glad that Mimi survived this incompetent procedure and is now recovering well from her real spay in a loving foster home.


This is what her foster mum told its about the little doggy: 


“Mimi, with her big brown eyes and cute underbite, steals the heart of everyone she meets without fail.


She enthusiastically welcomes new dogs, new people, and new life experiences while maintaining a very calm energy.


Whether a trip to the vet, a car ride on a stranger's lap, or a visit to a busy market, she seems to enjoy it all while remaining obedient and very easy to handle.


Outside she is athletic, energetic and incredibly agile.


At home, she loves to be near her human and is not afraid of a cuddle or a dog walk.”



She is now ready for adoption and we can't wait to see her with a loving family in a home where she will have her own dog bed, regular meals, toys and everything she needs for a happy life!


Mimi is currently in a foster home in San Isidro / Perez Zeledon, but we can help with the logistics of getting her to you.


Mimi's Album