• male

  • Chihuahua Mix

  • about 5-6 years old

  • 6 kilos / 13 pounds

  • neutered

  • de-wormed

  • treated for ticks and fleas

  • friendly

  • happy

  • medium to low energy

  • good with kids

  • dog social

  • good with cats

  • low maintenance

  • doesn't bark 

Marinero was run over by a motorcycle a few months ago.  His wound was so severe that we cannot publish photos of what he looked like when he was reported to us. He was left on the road after the motorcycle almost killed him and no one did anything.  The little Chihuahua was lying right next to the church of Guadalupe, our neighboring village, with his body half torn open.  He was left there all night, in the pouring rain, and it is a miracle that he was not taken by a wild predator.

The next morning we were notified by a local lady, Mercedes, who took him to the vet for emergency surgery.


It's really remarkable how strong dogs are, this little Chihuahua has so much strength, it's incredible that he actually survived this accident.

The wounds have healed very well and since his owners never got back in touch... he was adopted by the lady who rescued him.  Unfortunately, her living situation has now changed and she can no longer take care of Marinero.


So we are looking for a new home for this sweet little guy who is one of the most pleasant dogs we have ever met.

He is super calm and relaxed and needs very little to be happy.  We're not sure, but it could be that he doesn't hear very well, but that doesn't really seem to bother him.   


Marinero would be the perfect companion for an individual, but also for a laid back family or couple looking for an easy going and calm doggy. He is great with kids, cats, dogs, really anyone.  He is super happy chilling all day, but he also loves to go for walks. 


Please get in touch with us if little Marinero, means sailor in Spanish, is the right doggy for you. 


Marinero's Album