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Lina 🐾💕


female · about 6-8 years old · 9 kg / 20 lbs  · fully  vaccinated · dewormed · on flea and tick prevention · very social with dogs and humans  · loves human company · doesn’t need much to be happy · ideal dog for allergy suffers  · house trained · no problems with cats · walks well on leash 



Meet: Lina, a super sweet senior dog who was rescued from a miserable life. She was a dog who was always chained and lived outside in a shabby doghouse, without love or care and only occasionally given food and water.


As the story turns out, when Lina was just a cute little puppy, she was adopted by a man whom she loved very much, but unfortunately, he didn't love her as much. Nevertheless, Lina would climb into his truck and accompany him to work in the field every day.


Then, when she was grown, the man lost interest in her and tied her up and left her on the edge of his property. This went on for years until the man's sister contacted us and said that Lina was up for adoption.


Lina was in very bad shape, smelling terrible, completely neglected, and had a wound around her neck from the collar and chain. 


 After being rescued, Lina received the care and attention she so desperately needed. We had her spayed, gave her a dental cleaning, vaccinated her, and also dewormed her. We also took her to the groomer, where she got a much-needed bath and grooming session.


She is a super affectionate and gentle dog, always wagging her tail and loves to be around humans and dogs. Despite her difficult past, Lina is incredibly trusting and loving.


If you are looking for a companion who will fill your life with love and joy, please consider giving Lina a forever home. 

She deserves a happy and comfortable life for the rest of her days. Help us make that happen for her.


She's waiting for you with open paws.




Lina's Album

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