• female

  • 9,5 kg / 21 lbs 

  • 1.5-2 years

  • spayed and vaccinated

  • house trained

  • very affectionate

  • really easy going

  • walks well on leash

  • medium energy

  • good with dogs

  • good with cats

  • rarely barls

Leni was reported to us back in February with a wound on the side of her body. It was large and very deep.  

The person who called us about her knew Leni. She said Leni was nobody's dog, but because she is so friendly, all the neighbours feed her.

However, when Leni was insured, no one was going to take care of her.

We had her taken to our vet where she was cared for.  Sadly, we learned that the wound was caused by a gunshot.  Our vet was close to tears when she told us that she found fragments of a bullet in the wound.... Leni is such a sweet and affectionate little dog, it is disturbing to think why someone would do such a terrible thing to an innocent dog.


But Leni is a trooper and the wound has healed so well!  You can barely see where the hole was.  She has been placed in one of our favourite foster homes and last weekend we went to visit her.  She is a beautiful dog, really sweet and affectionate.

When the foster home has visitors, Leni hangs around people and is social.  She can be a tad shy though and is a bit anxious around men, but not to the extent that we'd say that's a problem.


Leni gets along with all the dogs in the foster home and in the neighbourhood and is also compatible with the cats.

She enjoys being indoors and outdoors and walks well on a lead.


She reminds us of a Jack Russell, but she doesn't have the Jack Russell energy, she is much more relaxed.



Please fill out our adoption application if you think Leni is the right dog for you. We will then get back to you as soon as possible to talk about the adoption logistics and process. 


Leni is in a foster home close to Rivas in Perez Zeledón, we can make an appointment to meet her, but we can also help transport her to you if you can't get here.


Leni's Album