• female

  • black lab/hound mix

  • 18 kilos / 40 lbs

  • 1.5 - 2 years

  • spayed and vaccinated

  • treated for ticks and fleas

  • gentle and mellow

  • really easy going

  • walks well on leash

  • medium energy

  • great with other dogs

  • playful with puppies

  • Friendly with strangers and new dogs

  • Knows basic commands


LaLa came to us after she was found abandoned in the Cerro de le Muerte area, way up in the mountains. She turned up in a remote hotel, completely emaciated and with a skin condition.   And that was the decisive moment for her rescue, because she was about to go into heat.

The hotel owner contacted us and asked for help, we okayed to take in Lala so she was taken to our vet where she had to stay for two weeks as she was so weak and anemic.

After she regained her strength and put on some weight LaLa was ready to move into the rescue where she enjoys being with the other dogs.  

She just recently began to be playful, right after the puppy Jack moved in, they have a special bond and play all day long, really cute to watch. 


Lala is a rather quiet and mellow dog, but she is always the first to greet visitors and is really friendly with everyone. 

Although she often seeks physical contact, she is not pushy and does not constantly demand attention.   


LaLa's Album