• female

  • one year

  • 15 lbs / 7 kilos 

  • spayed

  • fully vaccinated

  • wormed

  • mellow

  • very loving

  • submissive

  • great with other dogs

  • good with cats

  • old soul

  • crate trained 

  • walks very well on leash

  • house trained

We are very pleased to introduce you to beautiful and sweet Kaya!  She is one of the most special dogs we have for adoption.

Kaya is a calm and very gentle girl, she rarely barks and our volunteers always enjoy to take her for walks because she walks wonderful on the leash and absolutely enjoys the outdoors. 

She is obedient, smart, well mannered, plays gently and is good with cats!

Although she needs time to get used to people, when she bonds with you she is incredibly affectionate.  


And her look?   Kaya looks like she jumped out of a Walt Disney movie... Her big soulful eyes, the fluffy tail and that remarkable coat make Kaya one of the most unique dogs there is.  


Kaya is just wonderful and ideal for people who are looking for a mellow, well mannered and affectionate companion to add to their pack.

Because one thing we know for sure about Kaya: she needs other friendly dogs in the same household to make her feel at home. When she can play or cuddle with other dogs she is in her comfort zone. 


Since she needs time to warm up and get fully used to you, we strongly advocate a fully fenced property so she can be left unattended while she plays with the other dogs and she is able to decide herself when she wants to be inside or outside the house during the day.


We are looking for the most loving, empathic and caring people who can adopt our beautiful Kaya.   You must be patient and let her decide when it is time to come to you... You will see that after a while she will shower you with kisses and so much love, Kaya’s tenderness and love are priceless.


To win Kaya over is one of the best feelings you can have... it's the must fulfilling experiences when willing to adopt a dog that has suffered trauma in its past…and Kaya will let you if you give her the space and time she needs... Kaya is definitely a keeper!


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