José Miel

José Miel

  • Male

  • Blue Heeler

  • 3-4 years

  • 30 lbs / 13 kilos

  • Fully vaccinated and wormed

  • Neutered

  • Treated for ticks and fleas

  • Mellow and laid back

  • Very friendly to everyone

  • Low maintenance

  • Gentle

  • Good with cats

  • Dog social

  • Mature

Jose Miel was found on the streets of San Isidro, malnourished and covered with a skin fungus.

A lady who collaborates with us rescued him and took him to our vet.

That was about 2 months ago.

Today we asked her to send us updated photos of Jose and we couldn't believe our eyes!  He looks like a new dog!

He is well fed and his skin condition is completely gone.  His coat is gorgeous and he is very, very well behaved.


He was given the double name Jose Miel because the fosterer says he is as sweet as Honey!


He's vaccinated and we've had him neutered, so he's ready to move on to his new forever home. 


Jose is the perfect dog for someone looking for a laid back companion who will be loyal and well grounded by your side.


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