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Male - 2 years - 16 kg / 35 - neutered - vaccinated - loyal - obedient - athletic - house-trained - good with dogs - great family dog - loves adventures

Inti is a 2 year old boy with a playful and friendly nature, loyalty and sensitivity.

He loves to run and play in nature and enjoys the outdoors with his human. Inti's gentle and friendly demeanour makes him a loving companion who is loved by both children and adults. Inti is always up for an adventure and he loves to play with toys.

Inti lived in one of our foster homes where many of our foster dogs moved in and out, and he welcomed everyone with warmth and respect.

However, Inti has a healthy protective instinct and alerts his humans when strangers approaching the house. But once properly introduced, Inti quickly shows his friendly and respectful nature.


Inti's Album

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