• Female

  • about 1.5 years 

  • 30 lbs

  • spayed

  • fully vaccinated

  • dewormed

  • treated for ticks & fleas

  • Independent 

  • loves the outdoors

  • great farm dog

Please meet Indiana, who is most likely a Bernese Mountain Dog mix breed, only much smaller.
Indy used to live on the street, she slept under a rock and was fed by some neighbours until she had an accident and needed medical attention. 
We were informed and took her to our vet where she received the necessary treatment to heal the infected flesh wound she had on her leg. Once healed, Indy moved into the sanctuary.

Indy is doing well, definitely getting used to the daily routine, but she is not a dog who loves being around too many other dogs.
We think a home with just one or two other mellow dogs would be good for her, she's not made to live with a whole pack.

Indy loves the outdoors, especially swimming and playing in the water. She would be perfect for someone who is active and likes to be outdoors. 
She is great off leash, very athletic, she is obedient, understands corrections and responds well to them.

The ideal home for her is a house in the countryside, a farm where she can run free and where there might even be a river nearby.  We don't really see Indy living in an urban area or in a condo. She loves to sleep outside and is very independent and quite happy when she is on her own.  She really doesn't need much to be happy.  

Indiana's Album