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Hope 🐾

We are featuring Hope's story because a former Charlie's Angels volunteer, who now works as a veterinary nurse at a wildlife sanctuary, rescued this dog 5 months ago and needs to find a home for her.

Female – Mixed breed - About 9 years old – 28kg (62 lbs) – loves people and cuddles.

Location: Nosara, Guanacaste

Hope, a beautiful mixed breed female, is looking for a forever home. She is about 9 years old and weighs 28 kg. She is a loving and cuddly companion.

Hope was rescued by the compassionate staff at Sibu Wildlife Sanctuary almost 5 months ago and has had a hard road to recovery.

She was starved and physically abused, but thanks to the hard work of her rescuers, she made a full recovery.

Hope was severely dehydrated, suffering from a skin fungus and a bacterial infection, and tested positive for Ehrlichia and heartworm. However, both treatments were successful and this resilient fighter is now healthy and kicking. She is regularly treated for ticks and fleas and wormed every 12 weeks. Based on the skin scars present, she appears to have been spayed.

Her physical and mental changes are impressive. It has been an incredible privilege for the team at the sanctuary to witness her progress. As much as they would love to keep her, they feel Hope deserves a forever home where she can be showered with love and care.

During the day, Hope stays at the sanctuary where her sweet and gentle nature shines through. She loves people and never misses an opportunity to greet visitors with a wagging tail.

Outside of the sanctuary's opening hours, she lives in the volunteers' house where she gets on well with two cats, but Hope is not comfortable around other dogs, so she needs a home with no other dogs and can't be off leash when outside.

Due to her previous health issues, Hope has lower energy levels and only needs two 20-30 minute walks a day. She walks well on a lead but tires easily and needs frequent breaks.

Hope loves being fed, belly rubs, being carried like a baby, playing with stuffed animals, exploring the jungle and enjoying her ice chips. She doesn't like cutting nails, bathing and being left alone.

To give Hope the life she deserves, we are looking for someone who can understand and relate to the traumas she has suffered. Patience, kindness and lifelong care are important qualities for her future family.

If you think you can provide Hope with the safe and loving home she longs for, please get in touch. Together, let's give this incredible survivor the chance she so richly deserves.

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