Gracie  馃惥

  • Female

  • about 1 year old

  • 6.5 kilos  / 14 lbs 

  • spayed 

  • vaccinated

  • dewormed

  • playful

  • house trained

  • good with cats

  • very affectionate

  • ideal second dog


Now look at this adorable wiener legged pup, isn't she adorable?  Gracie is just the sweetest girl, we are all smitten with her charm.   It can take a little moment for her to warm up, but when she does, she turns into the most cuddly and loving dog you've ever met, hands down!


Gracie is playful with other dogs and gets along very well with cats!   She is very well behaved indoors, she doesn't chew anything and is completely house trained.


We rescued Gracie along with her sister and initially thought it would be good if they were adopted together.  But to see how they would do when separated, we placed them in two different foster homes and found that Gracie is much more confident when she is without her sister.  We can therefore, with a clear heart, separate them and put Gracie up for adoption on her own.  But she would need a home with another playful and friendly dog. 


A fully fenced yard for her would be ideal, as she loves to romp and play outside.  



Gracie's Album