• male
  • 1.5-2 years old
  • 6 kilos / 13 lbs 
  • vaccinated and dewormed
  • Neutered
  • Treated for ticks and fleas
  • very smart and eager to please
  • easy to train
  • house trained
  • sensitive
  • Very friendly, also with strangers
  • curious 
  • playful but calm
  • Dog social
  • affectionate
  • good on leash
  • good off leash (stays close)
  • barely barks



Look who we have here! A  small dog but has a big personality.


Little Frankie is a charming youngster we found abandoned and skinny in our village. We don't know how it's possible that people just abandon these cute little guys.... But luckily he ended up in our hands.

Frankie is already house trained and loves his new fluffy dog bed more than anything.   He goes straight to the bed on command and has already learned many tricks. His foster highlights how intelligent and easy to train he is. 


He is very mellow, affectionate and very friendly with other dogs, cats and every humans h meets.  Frankie is the perfect companion dog for emotional support. 

Franky is currently located in San Isidro, Perez Zeledón. If you can't make it here, we can help with the logistics of getting him to you!


Frankie's Album