• femle

  • 1.5 years old

  • 8.8 kilos  / 19.5 lbs

  • spayed

  • fully vaccinated

  • dewormed

  • up to date with flea & tick prevention

  • playful energy

  • friendly demeanour 

  • affectionate

  • crate trained

  • social with other dogs

  • very trusting and obedient

  • great with cats


Fanny was reported to us with her two puppies Luca and Felipe in a state of extreme neglect and malnutrition, although they "belonged" to humans.  

fanny's nails were so long,  she must have lived her whole life on a chain.  (See photo). Her fur was matted and missing in large areas.


Fortunately, a local lady became aware of this sad situation and asked us if we would help rescue Fanny and her two boys if she agreed to take them into foster care.


We agreed and so the lady managed to convince Fanny's owner to surrender the trio, which wasn’t hard...


We had them completely vetted, provided the foster home with crates and blankets, quality dog food and toys.


Mum Fanny was visibly happy and so grateful to have been rescued.

She never stopped playing with her puppies, quickly gained weight and her coat grew back beautifully.


Fanny is a very friendly and cheerful young dog. She loves to play and run and is nice to absolutely everyone she meets, people, dogs and cats too!


She is now ready for adoption and we can't wait to see her with a loving family in a home where she will have her own dog bed, regular meals, toys and everything she needs for a happy life!


Fanny is currently in a foster home in San Isidro / Perez Zeledon, but we can help with the logistics of getting her to you.


Fanny's Album