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female - Pinscher/ hound Mix - 3 months old - 6.7 kg (15 lbs) - vaccinated - dewormed - social - very playful ·  smart • loves to cuddle 

Adult weight approx. 15kg-18kg (33-40lbs)  

Wynona is simply irresistible with her wonderful smile and those sparkling eyes.

She is such a gentle little girl...we are all smitten with Wynona's sweet little personality.

The breed mix of these puppies is perfect to be fabulous family dogs, they are gentle, obedient and sweet. Because of their temperament, these dog breeds are popular dogs for people who want a dog that has it all.... While they will protect your property by scaring away strangers or intruders with their impressive barking, they are otherwise friendly and trusting.  They love human company and are very intelligent. 


Wynona is a well socialized puppy and loves to play and run around. 




Wynona's Album

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