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Romeo 💕

  • male

  • 9 weeks

  • 3.2 kg / 7 lbs 

  • had first two puppy vaccinations

  • Affectionate

  • playful

  • laid back

  • loves to be held

  • Beginning house training 

  • Learning basic commands and recall

  • Fostered in Rivas /PZ

  • Adult size medium to large 

Romeo is Raisin's brother, one of the two puppies we found abandoned in a cardboard box in the pouring rain :(. Seeing Romeo and his sister shivering, scared, and hungry was absolutely heartbreaking.

Fast forward four weeks, and you wouldn't recognize them now! Romeo is affectionate, playful, and delightfully laid back. He is the calmer of the two, and he absolutely loves being held and cuddled. 

Romeo enjoys playing in the garden with Raisin and his other foster sisters and brothers and is wonderfully social with both humans and other dogs. It's such a relief to see that neither of them seems to have any lasting trauma from their ordeal; we rescued them just in time!


His foster mom, Beth, shares that Romeo is progressing well. He's begun house training and is picking up basic commands and recall quickly. Romeo is a sweet, loving pup who can't wait to find his forever home.


We have transportation options available and are happy to assist you with the logistics of getting that sweet boy to you.

Romeo's Album

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