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🐾 Carmen 🐾


  • Australian Kelpie

  • Female

  • about 5 yrs

  • 21 kg / 46 lbs

  • Spayed

  • Vaccinated

  • Intelligent, loyal, affectionate

  • Loves swimming and running

  • House-trained, no destructive behavior

  • Thrives on 3 legs after amputation


Today is the day we have been waiting for so long!

Our beautiful girl Carmen is finally ready to be adopted. 

We have already reported on Carmen, a female Kelpi who was found after she had a litter of puppies, completely emaciated and with terrible deep wounds on her elbow that would not heal. Despite our efforts, Carmen's “elbow hygroma” persisted, resulting in permanent nerve damage and limited use of her front leg.


After 18 months in our care, 5 months in the vet clinic, several surgeries and attempts to stabilize her leg with all kinds of supports, we finally decided to have Carmen's front leg amputated as the leg was more of a hindrance than a support for her.


We didn't take this decision lightly, but now that her wound is completely healed and Carmen has quickly mastered walking and running on just three legs, we are absolutely certain that it was the right decision.  Carmen is like a new dog!  She is happy and active, she has lost weight, looks athletic and is a pro at catching food out of the air.  She has recently learned to play with other dogs and loves squeaky toys :)


We finally saw her playing with other dogs and romping around in the garden.   Carmen even swam in the river, which made our hearts stop for a second as we weren't sure if she would make it out safely, but she did amazing.


Carmen is social with dogs but enjoys being the queen of the house. She would do well in a home where she can get all the head, neck, and ear rubs she loves so much!


If you're looking for a loyal, intelligent, and affectionate companion, Carmen is the one for you! She’s cheerful, active, loves cuddles, and enjoys lying next to you in her dog bed.



📍 Fostered in Rivas, Perez Zeledon – Transport assistance available

Carmen's Album

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