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Bonita 🐾💕


  • Female

  • Bull Dog Mix 

  • 20  kilos  / 44 lbs

  • vaccinated

  • dewormed

  • up to date with flea & tick prevention

  • affectionate

  • social with other dogs

  • good with most cats

  • walks great on leash

  • low energy

  • house trained

Today we would like to introduce you to an adorable special needs dog, Bonita, a small bull dog mix who was rescued a few weeks ago. She was wandering a neighborhood, looking for food and clearly in a lot of discomfort. 


At the time, Bonita was so overweight that she could barely walk, her urine would be blood red and she would breathe heavily with every move she made. Bonita was in a complete state of neglect, no one knew where she she came from.   We assume she was used for breeding bull dog puppies, and abandoned due to her poor health. 


Our vet immediately suspected that something was wrong with her thyroid. And yes, Bonita's examines confirmed, she has hypothyroidism. She will need to take thyroid treatment for the rest of her life. Bonita started treatment a month ago we and can already tell how much better she is doing.  According to the foster home, she has lost some weight and is much more lively and happy than before. She is less lethargic and her skin and coat condition, which is linked to her illness, is starting to improve.


Unfortunately, Bonita is in a foster home in Platanares, which is a great distance from our vet.  Just to get her to her next vet visit, we have to pay a driver 20,000 colones (USD $30.00).

So it would already be a tremendous help if we had a foster home where she would be a little closer to a vet.


Is there anyone who would be willing to take care of Bonita and help her live a life of comfort and joy again?  


Despite her condition, Bonita is a low maintenance dog, she loves to go for walks, but does not need a lot of exercise and isn’t a needy dog in general. She is sociable to everyone she meets - dogs, cats and children.  She loves to chill in a cozy dog bed and is house trained. 


During her foster period, our association will cover all of Bonita’s vet bills and of course the monthly costs for her thyroid treatment, which isn’t too expensive.


To give you an idea, here is an estimate of what Bonita’s treatment would cost:


CRC 32,000 for one month

CRC 35,000 for two months

CRC 40,000 for 3 months


The prices are an estimate and could vary a little each time the drug is ordered, but would be around 40.000 colones every 3 months = $20 per month.

We would be very grateful for any donations for Bonita and the other rescue cases we are currently caring for.  


Bonita's Album

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