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Bamboo  🐾


Male - 1-1.5 years old - 8 kg / 17 lbs - neutered -  fully vaccinated - dewormed - social - playful  - very  affectionate - good with dogs - friendly 


When we found Bamboo on the side of the road, he was very shy and scared and in a state of total neglect.  His fur was matted, he was emaciated and full of fleas. 

Luckily, we found a great foster home for Bamboo, where he recovered in no time.


When we found him he weighed 5.4 kg, now he weighs 8 kg - the perfect weight for a little guy like him.  🙌🏼. The foster home did a great job caring for him and also provided us with a very detailed biography about him, which gives us a good insight into Bamboo's personality.


This is what the fosterer wrote to us:


“Bamboo is a happy, tail-wagging, affectionate little boy.   He loves to play with his foster sister Cassie who is an energetic large size puppy of 35lbs.  The two of them hit it off from the beginning and they wrestle and play tug-of-war with toys most of the day.  


Bamboo is house broken, knows to do his potties outdoors. He has lots of chew toys and understands that those are his.  


He loves to play, to be outdoors (with his human), to be with his person all the time.  He's not needy nor dependent that way, but he likes to be in the same room, lying quietly on the floor near me while I work, for example.


He doesn't seem to be afraid of anything at this point, other than outdoors when it's dark.  Once he settled in here, he has shown no fear of anything else.


He sleeps in his crate through the night, no barking, no complaints.  He's fully crate-trained now.  I've taught him to walk on leash.  He's still new at it, but understands and stays close by my feet as we walk.


I am teaching him to SIT.  He learns fast.  Whenever we come in from outside, I tell him to sit (and Cassie too), and they both get a "cookie" once they're both sitting quietly and paying attention.


He is cautious with strangers, but warms up if offered a treat and a sniff.


Personality-wise, Bamboo is precious.  He is a snuggle-bug, loves to be petted, scratched, rubbed.  I've introduced him to being brushed.  He did not like it at first but now he loves it.  He's very affectionate and a very sweet boy.  He's curious, will sniff everything outdoors, including Sapos (poisonous toads, life threatening for dogs), so I keep him on leash at night, just in case.  (Same with Cassie).


Bamboo met other dogs, when my friend dropped by with her mini Schnauzer and a min-pin the other day.  After cautious sniffing, there were no issues other than the Schnauzer being a bit snarly at first.  They didn't all fall in love at first sight but there were no issues, I was happy to find out!”



If Bamboo sounds like the pup you've been waiting for, apply for him today!


Bamboo is in a foster home near Rivas / Perez Zeledon, but we can help with the logistics of getting her to you.


Bamboo's Album

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