...by the same wonderful family from Georgia in the USA who adopted Rosa from us!
Rosa is also a special needs dog. She is now living like a princess.... so loved and very well cared for.
When Jena contacted us again to inform us that the family had decided to adopt Bambi too, we were incredibly grateful, relieved and so happy.... All our prayers had been answered...

Unfortunately, the pandemic broke out immediately afterwards and all flights to the USA were cancelled.
So Bambi's adoption was put on hold and she is still with us, she has been at the rescue center for over 2 years now...
Now that flights are back, almost all airlines flying to the US have changed their policies on transporting pets and only allow small pets in the cabin.  Since Bambi is a teeny bit too big to fly in the cabin, our only option is to use a pet shipping service.
‘Pet Lounge’ is one of these services who can do it, but it costs quite a bit of money.   

💕 PLEASE help us by making a donation!

Our goal is $1500, we have already raised $500 ...can you chip in to help us raise the remaining $1,000 for her? 

Some people might think it's crazy to spend so much money on a dog, but honestly, if you knew Bambi, I'm sure you'd agree with us: she's worth every single penny, and she deserves a forever home, like every dog does!
And just think how much money some people spend to buy a pedigree dog from a breeder, Bambi's travel costs are nothing compared to that.

🐾 Bambi is one of the purest souls and has been one of the most wonderful dogs we have ever had under our wings.
Please people, it's time for Bambi to FINALLY go HOME! 

Who can help us get her to Rincon in Georgia?

Bambi's adoptive family is so grateful and they can't wait to welcome their new family member!

Donate via Paypal:
paypal email: donations@charlies-angels-rescue.org




  • Whippet Mix

  • 2 years

  • 18 lbs

  • spayed

  • vaccinated

  • dog social

  • good with children

  • very docile and friendly

  • loves human affection


Bambi's day starts at 6:30 am. She could probably sleep until later, but we all get up early and as soon as she hears people walking around, she wants to be included and get’s excited to be taken out of bed. We take her outside in the garden and help her walk with the help of a soft scarf. She immediately empties her bladder and bowels.


Then we take her for a 10 minute walk, although we're sure she would enjoy a much longer walk.

Unfortunately, with our busy schedule and so many dogs to care for and never enough volunteers, we can't walk her for more than 15 minutes in the morning.   


After this short exercise, she is put on a soft camping chair outside the house with her toys.  She really seems to enjoy this. She very rarely complains and is happy as long as she can observe everything that is going on around her.   With a different set up, she could probably have her first wheelchair session in the morning, but we just can't fit it into our daily routine.   Whilst Bambi is on her camping chair enjoying the morning sun, we change the blankets of her night area, which has to be done daily (we only use diapers occasionally as it’s too expensive for us).  Sometimes dogs jump on the chair with her to hang out or to play.


At 8am we move her from her camping chair to her padded area inside the house (as it gets too hot outside).  We built a very good working "throne”, similar to a baby crib for her out of pallets, with a soft mattress and waterproof cover (see photos below). She eats her breakfast there. 


At 2pm we put her in her wheelchair, which she absolutely LOVES. She is happiest when she can run. Anyone who says dogs can't smile has never seen Bambi in a wheelchair. She does indeed smile!

We walk her around the neighborhood on a leash (there is a perfect loop that can be walked in 20 minutes). Although it seems like a short time, this is mostly enough for her to get tired.

After this walk, she usually runs to her camping chair and waits to be taken out of the wheelchair. We sometimes try to walk her a bit longer.  Sometimes she is up for it, other times she doesn't.  We follow her lead completely. She signals us when she has had enough and would rather rest.


She spends the rest of the afternoon in her padded indoor crib. Again, she does not complain. There are times when she cries to let us know she wants affection.  This doesn't happen too often, and when it does, we put a diaper on her so she can stay on our sofa with us volunteers and other house dogs. She also loves to play with puppies on the sofa.  She is afraid of thunderstorms, so when it rains hard we have her on the sofa to comfort her. 


At 6PM she has her dinner, also in the crib.  After that we take her out for another “scarf walk”, before we put her to bed.   We put a bed sheet all over the crib and Bambi sleeps through the whole night with out making a sound. 


Due to the fact that she has a wheel chair now, Bambi's daily routine has changed quite a bit in the time we've had her, but also since she had a sore on her hind leg (similar to a bedsore) that has taken a long time to heal, we now cover the "elbow" of her hind leg with a bandage that we change every 2 days. Her skin in this area is paper thin, so letting her walk/drag herself on the grass is not ideal right now. We can't tell if this is temporary or permanent. 

Changing the bandage and applying a healing cream takes about 5 minutes. She has never resisted this. In fact, she seems to enjoy these moments with all the fuss around her. :)


Despite the day-to-day care, Bambi is actually low maintenance. She really doesn't need anything more than love and attention. 

Bambi has always been able to communicate her needs. After taking care of her for so long, we can tell by her eyes if she is thirsty, upset, wants affection or exercise. Her eyes speak a million words.  

Every moment spent caring for Bambi is rewarded with immeasurable love and gratitude.


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