• Whippet Mix

  • 2 years

  • 18 lbs

  • spayed

  • vaccinated

  • dog social

  • good with children

  • very docile and friendly

  • loves human affection



This is a description of Bambi written by her main caregiver, who took care of Bambi for one year:

"Bambi was already at the rescue center when I started to volunteer at Charlie’s Angels beginning of March 2019. She had been here since December, a victim of a dog attack which left her with a severe spine injury that resulted in a spastic leg. This means that Bambi has a leg that goes rigid and this doesn’t allow for her to walk normally. Despite her misfortune, Bambi greeted me kindly and became an easy new friend. 

Bambi is one of the sweetest, most tender souls I have ever encountered. There were three disabled dogs sharing space at this time, and while I didn’t have a chance to get too close to one of them, Yoshi (now named Larry a SOS alumni), because he was adopted and left for his fantastic new life soon after I arrived, I became extremely close with Bambi and the other dog, Rosa. 

Bambi always had and still has a way of looking at you with tenderness and compassion, a way that makes you feel completely at ease. I learned from her that things aren’t as complicated as we make them out to be... things like taking care of a crippled dog, for instance. It’s not any more difficult than taking care of anything or anyone really. We get up in the morning and stretch our legs together. She runs in the garden in her own special way while I drink my coffee. She loves finding just the right stick or coconut to chew on, and she loves to chase and play with her friends. 

There are things to get used to when taking care of a dog like frequent blanket changes due to compromised ability to control her bodily functions, but those things become normal and secondary, and a tiny price to pay, for the experience of knowing Bambi.

She loves to cuddle and to have her shoulders massaged, and she loves to play and bounce around, showing you that happiness is a obvious easy matter what obstacles get in your way.

I love all the dogs here and have my own special relationships with each of them, but my relationship with Bambi is one of my most special and deepest. I feel like my time spent with her is rewarding and appreciated, and I learn from it daily.

Knowing her is a pleasure and an honour and I will always keep a special place in my heart for her and be grateful for her. Her life here is good and full, but she, like all these dogs, deserves a life beyond the rescue. She deserves to be someone’s dog in a home that is her own. It’s intimidating to take on a special needs dog, but I can assure you, those needs are not difficult to meet and the rewards far outweigh the effort. If this is something you might open yourself up to, I can promise it will be so rewarding and will give you every bit as much as it requires of you, if not more. I am absolutely available to discuss what it looks like to care for a dog like this and am happy to offer ongoing support.



Bambi wakes up around 6:30 in the morning but she would probably sleep later if I let her. We go out in the garden and I hold her still and in an upright position to help her relieve herself in the most normal way possible. She tries to hold it until morning, but has limited control over her bodily functions, so after she goes to the bathroom and spends a few minutes running around the garden, I put her in her outdoor area and go clean her night area. 

Cleaning the night area is really as simple as pulling the blanket and pillow case to wash, a quick sweeping and mopping of the area, and putting down a fresh blanket and fresh water. She hangs out in her garden enclosure (which she would not need in a fully fenced yard) for most of the morning until I have some time to spend sitting with her free in the garden where she loves to run, play with whatever dogs are around, dig holes, chew sticks, or cuddle up next to me for some good pets.

Bambi spends most of the rest of the day in an enclosure with her friend Vicky, getting out now and then to go to the bathroom, but mostly sleeping and watching whatever is going on around her. Occasionally there are accidents to clean up in the enclosure (her friend, Vicky, is also a social needs dog) but I usually only change the blankets in the morning and at night before bedtime. 

At bedtime, we take a spin around the garden, as long as it’s not raining, and then we play for a few minutes before I give she and Vicky fresh water and cover them for the night. It’s my favorite way to end the day. Taking care of Bambi is not really too much more of a challenge than taking care of any dog. There’s a little more laundry involved and she needs a tiny bit more help with some things, but she’s independent and playful and happy....and easy. Walking her is slightly different because I try to keep her off the cement or road, any rough surface, but with some grass.... in a yard or park, she is a pleasure to walk. I use a retractable leash with her so when she wants to run a little wild, she can. She keeps herself pretty clean but she needs and appreciates a bath every few days. 

She’s crazy for food and always finishes her meals with enthusiasm. I add some water to her food to make sure she stays hydrated and with her breakfast, she takes an herbal supplement called Nefrotec to help maintain her urinary health, as dogs such as Bambi and Vicky are prone to urinary infections. That’s really all there is to it. I give her love, she gives some right back...every single time. 


6:30 wake up, spend time in the garden, hang out in fenced area in the yard

8:00 breakfast, I add some water and an herbal supplement for urinary health to her food. She loves food


*at some point in the late morning/early afternoon another 15-30 minutes in the garden running and playing 

*throughout the day quick bathroom breaks outside if possible 


*Bath every 3-4 days and when needed


6pm dinner


8-830 last walk/ playtime before bed then bedtime with a fresh blanket and pillow after a quick mop and sweep of area

Bambi's Album


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