Anna Marina

Anna Marina 

  • female

  • 6 kilo / 13 lbs 

  • about 4 years old

  • spayed and vaccinated

  • wormed and treated agains ticks and fleas

  • smart

  • completely house trained 

  • very affectionate

  • enjoys the company of her "one" human

  • Calm personality 

  • does not need a lot of exercise 

  • obedient 

  • likes to cuddle up on your lap

  • well mannered

  • sofa surfer 

  • good with dogs and cats

So far no one has contacted us about a possible adoption, which makes us a little sad. 

Anna has so much to offer.... she is full of love ❤.

We know that someone is just waiting to adopt a small, calm and affectionate companion like Anna.  We just need to find that person...

Anna was found with several broken bones, her hip and vertebra were fractured, so she needed surgery. She required intensive therapy post surgery in order for her little body to heal properly. An expatriate couple in Uvita, thankfully agreed to foster her and took excellent care of little Anna after the surgery.  


We visited Anna at her foster home last week and were so happy to see how well she is doing. She can actually run now, which is amazeballs.


Jes and Chris fawn over her and how easy she is in so many ways. Anna is completely house trained, barely barks, is even-tempered, and is absolutely attached to her favorite human, who in her current foster home happens to be Chris, the father of the family.  

She is shy around strangers and if it was up to her, she would curl up on her favorite human's lap all day and watch the world go by. But she gets along well with the other dogs and cats in the foster home, and she also bonds well with the foster son, an 11-year-old boy who is very respectful towards Anna.


Young children are not ideal for her, as she appreciates a calm and structured atmosphere. 

Anna does not need a lot of exercise, so she is ideal for people who have limited time or ability to go for long walks.

If Anna is the right buddy for you, please fill out our adoption application online and we will contact you to schedule a time to get to know her.


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