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  • Female

  • about 5 years old

  • 14 kg / 30,8 pounds

  • spayed

  • vaccinated

  • de-wormed

  • very social and chill

  • friendly

  • calm energy

  • great in car 

  • good family dog 

  • lives peacefully with cats ·

  • house trained  

  • no separation anxiety 

  • walks perfect on leash 

  • gets along well with dogs, cats, kids

  • mellow disposition

  • very affectionate 

  • adventurous spirit 

  • ⁠loves hikes

  • couch potato 

  • snuggle bug

  • walks well on leash but stays close off leash


This is Alice, a dream of a dog! Calm, happy and always up for an adventure.

Alice is the beautiful mother of Zeus, Maddie, Bucky and Daisy. She was abandoned when she was pregnant and rescued by a compassionate lady who rented the Airbnb where Alice use to come looking for food. 


Alice was such a wonderful mom and her puppies are just gorgeous!  All found great homes and now it’s mum’s turn!


Shauna, who rescued Alice and is taking care of her, speaks highly of this beautiful soul. This is what she tells us about Alice:


"She is pure tranquility - she is happy all day, whether when you take her on leisurely walk or an exciting car adventure. In the attached photo, you can see her sitting in the front seat in a perfectly ladylike pose, always with a big smile. Although shy at first, she warms up in no time and makes you proud of her progress.


Alice absolutely cherishes a soft, cozy bed and sleeps soundly all night long. Despite some initial hesitation with my Golden Retriever, they are now inseparable. Alice get’s along with all my cats and dogs, just look at the “family photo”!


She is a happy lap dog who thrives on love and cuddles. She is house trained and as no seperation anxiety.  She waits while you are out without getting upset. At just under 2 years old, she is a survivor, intelligent and walks perfectly on the lead. She is not over-excited and is the perfect medium size - not too big and not too small.


Even as the 5th dog in my house, she doesn't make any extra work.  With two meals, a stroll in the hood, lots of love, healthy treats and a soft bed, Alice is all set for a happy life and ready to bring joy and warmth into your home.” 



If you are interested in adopting Alice , please fill out our adoption application below. 

The adoption application gives us the opportunity to get to know you better and find out what kind of dog you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us after submitting the application. 🐾❤️


Alice's Album

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